3M™ Fire Barrier ULTRA PPD Collar

A one piece metal collar assembly encasing 3M’s heat expanding Ultra GS material, used for new and retrofit installations. Used to firestop non-metallic pipe for up to 3 hours. Used in conjunction with the 3M™ Ultra Fast Anchors can be installed in about one minute. May also be installed using conventional fasteners.


Used to firestop non-metallic pipes, cables or combos penetrating floor/ceiling assemblies, as well as fire-rated gypsum wallboard and fire-rated concrete wall, floor or hollow core assemblies. The device may be applied to drain, waste, vent or closed pipe systems. While sealing off the plastic pipe, the GS wrap will release chemically bound water to help cool it

Collars are fixed to both sides of walls or to the underside of floors. The softer intumescent material makes it easier to wrap around the pipe. Simple closure system, just lock and latch.

Rated 1-2 & 3 hour (F) rating

Tested in accordance with AS1530.4 and assessed in accordance with AS4072.1-2005.

Complies with New Zealand Standards & Building Code.   

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  3M™ Fire Barrier ULTRA PPD Collar RIR 27377-01 to AS1530.4-2014

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