3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows

3M Fire Barrier Pillow is a self contained, highly intumescent firestop product for use in through-penetration firestops or for blank seals.

The 3M Fire Barrier Pillows achieve up to 3 hour fire ratings when tested in accordance with AS1530.4 and assessed in accordance with AS4072.1-2005.

Complies With New Zealand Standards & Building Code. 


• Tested to UL 910 flammability test

• Graphite free composition.

• Size 76mm x 152mm x 228mm (3"x6"x9").

• Red Color- Easy to inspect

• Easy retrofit - remove and replace pillows, as needed.


• No wire mesh required. Consult UL Fire Resistance Directory for specific systems.

• Gypsum Wall, Block Wall, and Concrete Floors

• Blank openings up to 540 sq in (3483 sq cm), 1 or 2 Cable Trays per penetration

• Conduit bank and steel pipe applications



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  3M Fire Barrier Pillows Data Sheet
  3M FM Product Approval
  3M Fire Barrier Pillows RIR FCO-3217 to AS1530.4-2014

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