3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar

3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar is a lightweight gypsum-based and endothermic firestop that is ready for mixing with potable water. 3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar will firestop penetrations passing through fire-rated floor or wall assemblies and other fire-rated interior building construction.


3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar exhibits excellent adhesion to a full range of construction substrates and penetrants. In addition, it will act as a heat sink, absorbing heat from penetrants and reducing the likelihood of combustible matter igniting on the unexposed side of the assembly.


• Firestop tested up to 3 hours.

• Excellent adhesion to concrete, metals, wood, plastic and cable jacketing

• Coverage 5.2 bags per sq m at 100mm depth

• Re-enterable/repairable with common hole saw

• Paintable with primer

• Halogen-free formula

• Water clean up (prior to cure)


3M™ Fire Barrier Mortar is a cost-effective firestop typically used to seal mechanical and electrical service penetrations, blank openings and other large annular spaces in fire-resistance rated wall and floor assemblies with ratings up to 3 hours. The firestop material can be mixed to a self-leveling consistency (2 parts mortar mix: 1 part water) for floor applications or it can be mixed to a trowelable consistency (3 parts mortar mix: 1 part water) for application to vertical and horizontal substrates.

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  3M Fire Barrier Mortar RIR 23265 to AS1530.4-2005

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