3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat E-5A-4

For Commercial Buildings

Tested in accordance with AS1530.4 and assessed in accordance with AS4072.1-2005.

Complies With New Zealand Standards & Building Code. 

3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat E-5A-4 provides a uniform covering that, when exposed to high temperatures, releases chemically-bound water to cool the outer surfaces of the wrap material and significantly retard heat transfer.

It helps protect structural steel components for up to four hours, critical electrical components for up to three hours and wall opening membranes for up to two hours. Applied to the back and sides of metallic utility boxes, this product helps achieve an equal F-rating and T-Rating in membrane penetrations of rated wall assemblies. 3M™ Interam™ Endothermic Mat E-5A-4 is non-flame supporting with low-smoke evolution. The mat is flexible which aids in installation and allows it to be more easily applied on complex shapes and around corners.

 Product Features

• Provides up to 4 hour fire protection for structural steel applications

• Provides up to 3 hour fire protection for electrical circuit applications

• Provides protection against large hydrocarbon pool fires

• Chemically-bound water helps cool protective items in the event of a fire

• Non-flame supporting

• Low-smoke evolution

• Flexible – can be installed on complex shapes and around corners

• Easy to cut into various shapes and sizes

• Non-corrosive

• For use in new or retrofit applications

• Easy to clean


3M™ Interam Endothermic Mat E-5A-4 is a flexible and space-saving wrap system that protects against fire spread and smoke contamination in a wide range of new or retrofit applications requiring full envelope protection, including: structural steel, electrical circuity / raceways, cables, cable trays, conduits, equipment shrouds, steam lines and membrane penetrations (e.g. spaces containing electrical panels, elevator call boxes, safe deposit boxes, medical gas boxes).

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