Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels

Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels form part of a fully certified system to AS1530.4 to provide fire ratings on ducts and allow access for the purpose of inspection, service, repair or replacement of internal equipment such as filters, volume control devices, dampers and fans.

Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels provide additional flexibility on site as they can be either pre-installed or easily retro-fitted. Standard panels for openings from 200mm to 700mm or custom-made if required.

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  Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels
  Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels Order Form
  Trafalgar FyreWrap AS1530.4 Internal Fire - CSIRO FCO-3226
  Trafalgar Fyrewrap AS1530.4 External Fire - BRANZ FAR 4205

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