Trafalgar FyreWrap Elite

Trafalgar FyreWrap Elite duct wrap is a foil-faced, fire protection wrap/blanket designed to provide fire rating to ducts, kitchen exhausts and fan enclosures. FyreWrap Elite is fire tested and approved for both two and three hour ratings in accordance with AS1530.4.
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Systems using this product

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  Trafalgar FyreWrap Datasheet
  Trafalgar FyreWrap Technical Manual
  Trafalgar FyreWrap Access Panels
  Trafalgar FyreWrap Calculator and Video Link
  Trafalgar FyreWrap Certificate of Compliance
  Trafalgar FyreWrap Safety Data Sheet
  Trafalgar FyreWrap Services Insulation Datasheet - V3.131117
  Trafalgar FyreWrap VOC Test Certificate
  Trafalgar HVAC&R Technical Manual
  Trafalgar Hebel Wall Manual
  Trafalgar Speedpanel Wall Manual
  Trafalgar WALSC AAC Wall Manual
  Trafalgar FyreWrap AS1530.4 Internal Fire - CSIRO FCO-3226
  Trafalgar Fyrewrap AS1530.4 External Fire - BRANZ FAR 4205

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