Trafalgar FyreBOARD Maxilite

Trafalger FyreBOARD Maxilite is a lightweight, high performance fire rated board. Maxilite is a calcium silicate based product and is bonded together with non-organic binders. It is completely free from asbestos, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone depleting potential (ODP). Maxilite is an extremely effective insulating refractory board tested and approved to AS1530.4 & AS4072.1. The board is stable under high temperature stress and remains strong and crack free, even when exposed to fully developed fires.

Data sheets can be downloaded opposite and videos can be viewed at Trafalgar TV

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  Trafalgar FyreBOARD Maxilite Datasheet
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  Trafalgar FyreBOARD Maxilite VOC

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