Trafalgar FyreBOX

The Trafalgar FyreBOX is an intumescent type product designed to prevent the spread of fire through service penetrations. It removes the need to separate service penetrations so all contractors can run their services through the one penetration. The Trafalgar FyreBOX comes in various sizes in square or round and features a hinged door for easy retrofit. Can be wall-mounted, slab-mounted or cast-in. Suitable for use in virtually any wall or floor - plasterboard, shaft wall, laminated, masonry, concrete, Hebel, AAC, Walsc AAC, Speedpanel and Maxilite - and for these penetrants-

  • Electrical, data and communication cables incl trays.
  • Plastic, steel and copper pipes.
  • Insulated pipes. 
  • Typical air-conditioning services. 
  • Small conduits. 
  • Pex and gas pex.

Installation sheets can be downloaded opposite and videos can be viewed at Trafalgar TV

Trafalgar’s FyreBOX has been extensively tested and approved to AS1530.4 & AS4072.1


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Systems using this product

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  Trafalgar FyreBOX System Selector
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Maxi-Mini Datasheet
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Acoustic Assessment
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Approved Fixings
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Cast In Order Form
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Cast-In Certificate
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Cast-In Datasheet
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Cast-In Installation Diagrams
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Maxi Installation Diagrams
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Maxi Order Form
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Maxi-Mini Detailed System Info
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Maxilite Options
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Mini Installation Diagrams
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Proximity Options
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Slab Mount Order Form
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Slab-Mount Bambino HVAC Datasheet
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Slab-Mount Datasheet
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Slab-Mount Installation Chinese
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Slab-Mount Installation Diagrams
  Trafalgar FyreBOX Smoke Seal Test Report
  Trafalgar Hebel Wall Manual
  Trafalgar Speedpanel Wall Manual
  Trafalgar WALSC AAC Wall Manual
  Trafalgar FyreBOX AS1530.4 Assessment - BRANZ FC10266-001

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