Protecta FR Putty Pad

NZ Building Code compliant AS1530.4-2014 & AS4072.1-2005
Acoustic Rating STC 68
Protecta Putty Pads have been designed to maintain the fire resistance of plasterboard walls where these are breached by electrical switches, sockets and flush boxes (including plastic), even when installed back-to-back.

The Putty Pad is a non-setting flexible intumescent pad based on a silicone polymer with additional fire retardant additives. The Putty Pad can be fitted inside or on the outside of the socket or switch box and in a fire they form a robust fire resistant char that prevents burn through at the location of electrical penetrations. Only 1 pad is required for each box and these can be any combination of internal/external fix to allow more flexibility when fixing plasterboard linings.

The Putty Pad can be supplied in sizes to suit electrical boxes or as a rectangle and are supplied on a quick release paper. The Putty Pad is also an ideal product for smoke-sealing around penetration openings.


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