Protecta FR Acrylic Plasterboard Steel CS

Metallic pipe (single) through a plasterboard wall (steel up to 324mm diam, continuous sustained insulation). Protecta FR Acrylic Sealant depth min 12.5mm both sides. Max hole size 300x300mm. Annular min 10mm. Separation min 30mm. Max FRR -/120/90



System ID #: 119
Max Fire Rating: 120
Max Thermal Rating: 90
Size: Up to 324mm diam

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  System diagram
  FC119 Protecta FR Acrylic Plasterboard Wall Pipe CS2 Tech Drawing
  Protecta FR Acrylic AS1530.4 Assessment

Protecta FR Acrylic Sealant
  Protecta FR Acrylic Technical Data Sheet
  Protecta FR Acrylic Installation Instructions
  Protecta FR Acrylic DoP
  Protecta FR Acrylic LEED Certificate
  Protecta FR Acrylic STC Rating
  Protecta FR Acrylic Safety Data Sheet
  Protecta FR Acrylic VOC AgBB Certificate
  Protecta FR Acrylic VOC EMICODE Certificate
  Protecta FR Acrylic Video - Insulated Steel Pipe
  Service penetrations through one side of gypsum wall
  Protecta FR Acrylic AS1530.4 Assessment

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