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Firestop Centre has made it simple for you to create your own Firestopping Specification. A quick explanation of how this works is set out below. For detailed instructions click here CREATE-A-SPEC Instructions
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Firestop Centre understands that no single brand of fire protection products can provide all the solutions our clients need and so this website brings together Passive Fire Protection products from a range of international manufacturers, showing in one easy process all the compliant systems that will work for your particular situation. No more searching multiple websites. Use our System Selector to take the hassle out of choosing the most effective firestop solution. All systems showing on our site comply with the NZ Building Code (AS1530 and AS4072) so you can specify our systems with confidence. Fully complying test or assessment documents are available for immediate download for your convenience.

To use the SPECIFICATION CREATOR go to the SYSTEM SELECTOR page, tick the boxes that apply to your situation and click "SEARCH SYSTEMS". You may tick any number of boxes in one easy operation. You will see a number of thumbnail drawings appear and at the bottom of each thumbnail is a box "+SPEC". If you want more information on a particular thumbnail click "VIEW" and you will be taken to that system page where you will see another box marked "ADD TO SPECIFICATION". When you add a system to your spec by clicking either of those buttons you will see a pop-up box which allows you the option to insert your own code, plan reference, ID number, etc if you wish. Return to the thumbnail pictures page at any time by clicking "CONTINUE SPEC". You may save your spec at any time by clicking "SAVE SPEC"

When you have finished adding systems, click on "VIEW SPEC" at the top of the page. You can choose at that point to include all the Tech Drawings for your selection. Click "DOWNLOAD OR EMAIL SPECIFICATION" and you will receive a .zip file containing the following;

1. A Word Document suitable for presentation to Councils, etc giving a comprehensive preamble to your Firestopping Specification.
2. An Excel spreadsheet summary of all the systems you have just chosen to make up your particular spec. You can make any alterations you wish to this sheet and attach it to the supplied Word Document or your own version.
3. PDFs of all the Tech Drawings associated with your chosen systems (if you ticked the box for that option).

It couldn't be simpler!! Feel free to call us if you need assistance.

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