How to Use this Website

Below are instructions for various types of users. For a general video see our Explainer Video here.

If you are an INSTALLER, you will want to know what firestopping system you can use for your particular situation.

So start by going to SYSTEM SELECTOR. Here you will see a number of checkboxes  - tick the ones that apply to your situation. You can restrict the search to a particular product if it has been specified. Then press SEARCH and all the systems that work for you will be shown if you scroll down the page.

Find the system you want and press VIEW. This brings up all the files that relate to that system. The most useful document is the first one on the list - it will be called a Tech Drawing or Spec Sheet. This page has a summary of the system with all the info you need on one page. You can print it or download it or email it to whomever you choose. The rest of the files are backup detailed documentation if you need it.


If you are interested in COMPLIANCE, this info is all here for you as well.

For compliance information on a particular system follow the installer route above. When you are on the system page you will see the AS1530 document that relates to that system underneath the Spec Sheet or Tech Drawing. These can be lengthy documents but we are only allowed to reproduce these official documents in full - we cannot edit them.


If you are interested in the FPA REGISTER, go to the main tab labelled FPA.

This gives you an Excel version of all the systems on the FPA Register. You can download this and sort it in whatever way suits your purpose. The refence numbers on the Register relate to the ID# shown on the Spec Sheet or Tech Drawing referred to above, so you can link each document to the Register. There are also links to the AS1530 documents.


If you are a SPECIFIER you may be interested in more detailed information.

Go to BRANDS & PRODUCTS and select the manufacturer. All the products will be listed and you can choose the one you are interested in. More detailed info will be shown for each product - Data Sheets, Safety Sheets, Acoustic Reports, VOC Info, etc. Look under TECHNICAL and SPECIFICATION as well as there are a number of other resources that may be helpful to you.


And if you have more questions just go to CONTACT and you will find our numbers - we welcome the opportunity to help.