ALLPROOF Fire Protection Products

New Zealand Owned and Operated since 1987

Allproof Industries is a New Zealand family owned manufacturing, marketing and distribution company specialising in Plumbing, Drainage Systems and Fire Protection Products.
Allproof’s passive fire protection range includes low profile fire collars, fire wraps for pipes, drop in fire collars, cast-in fire collars, low cast-in fire collars, fire bands and flush box intumescent pads.
Allproof’s passive fire protection products are all extensively tested to AS1530.4 and AS4072.1 standards at independent IANZ accredited fire testing laboratories (see here for latest BRANZ Appraisal Certificate which contains the full BRANZ Appraisal #1008 together with Allproof Technical Manual - Plumbing and Allproof Technical Manual - Electrical).
The Allproof passive fire protection range will help you achieve the necessary fire rating on your plumbing and electrical service penetrations, with both retrofit and pre-cast options available