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The construction industry is increasingly moving toward easy-to-use firestop solutions. Firestop Centre brings together Passive Fire Protection products from a range of manufacturers and shows in one easy process all the compliant systems that will work for your particular situation. No more searching multiple websites. Use our system selector to take the hassle out of choosing the most effective firestop solution. These systems are designed to help you efficiently construct safer buildings that comply with NZ fire standards and help protect lives and property.

Comprehensive fire protection includes fire detection, fire containment and fire suppression. Firestop Centre's range of Fire Protection Products addresses passive fire containment and is an integral part of a well-designed fire-protection system. Our manufacturers' understanding of the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases helps us to continue to bring you the industry's most reliable and affordable firestopping solutions.

In compliance with Clause (h) Schedule 1 of the Building (Building Product Information Requirements) Regulations 2022, Firestop Centre Ltd confirms that no product shown on this website is subject to a ban under Section 26 of the Building Act 2004.

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