3M™ Firedam™ Spray 200

3M FireDam Spray 200 is a sprayable, water-based coating that dries in ambient conditions to form a flexible, fireproof seal. Provides fire and smoke protection for up to 4hrs for constructions joints and up to 2hrs for through penetrations.

Ideal for sealing building joints, penetration seals and perimeter joints between fire-rated floors (concrete, fire-proofed fluted steel decks) and fire-rated walls (gypsum, concrete). Applied as 1/8 inch (3mm) thick coating with an airless sprayer, this water-based coating dries in ambient conditions to form a flexible seal with compression/extension of up to +/- 50% of nominal joint width and an STC rating of 56.

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  FireDam Spray 200 Data Sheet
  FireDam Spray 200 Safety Data Sheet

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