3M™ Fire Barrier Mouldable Putty

3M™ Fire Barrier Mouldable Putty is a one-part, ready-to-use firestop designed for wall openings, electrical outlet boxes, cable, conduit and pipes which penetrate fire-rated construction. When properly applied, 3M™ Fire Barrier Mouldable Putty helps control the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases through fire-resistant walls and floors.

Available in pad or stick form. Packs can be resealed for later use. Product will not dry out or crumble.

Adheres to all common building surfaces forming a cold smoke seal and intumescent fire seal.

Tested in accordance with AS1530.4 and assessed in accordance with AS4072.1

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  3M Fire Barrier Mouldable Putty Data Sheet
  Mouldable Putty Safety Data Sheet
  3M FM Product Approval
  3M LEED Cert - Environmental Quality VOC
  3M Fire Barrier Mouldable Putty AS1530.4 CSIRO RIR FCO3220

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