Allproof Pipe Wrap

ALLPROOF Pipe Wraps are designed to be installed in solid construction walls and floors and consist of one or more layers of intumescent sealed in a polyethylene sleeve. The sleeve features a strip of double sided tape to enable easy installation.
When a fire occurs the intumescent seal is activated and expands into the penetration cavity as the burning plastic pipe melts to form a fire resistant plug in the penetration, preventing the spread of fire.
The pipe wrap is designed to have the ends of the intumescent material meet around the circumference of the pipe so no overlap will exist, allowing the pipe to be centrally located within a core hole. For pipe sizes up to 100mm, only one layer of intumescent material is required, ensuring core holes can be kept to a minimum size.
Allproof pipe wraps have been tested on a variety of plastic pipes and are available in stock sizes from 40-150mm.

• Concrete, masonry and porous concrete wall constructions
• Concrete floor construction
• Plasterboard penetrations (with Fireband)
• Water resistant
• Advanced intumescent technology allows smaller core holes
• Simple to use - easy to install
• For use on various plastic pipes
• Removable “pipe wrap installed” label for pipe work/wall

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