ACTIFOAM foam rubber is based on the ACTIFIRE® technology, which was developed by BEELE Engineering.
The ACTIFIRE technology gives sealant materials an active and fire retardant function in the event of fire. These are sealants that when exposed to high temperatures or fire will produce new fire retardant material (in large volume).

Actifoam is designed for fire-safe penetrations of cables in building and industrial applications. Actifoam is an expanding rubber activated by fire that fills cavities or gaps, offering a perfect fire seal that is tested to 4 hour durations. This product makes a valuable contribution towards passive fire prevention in a wide range of commercial & industrial sectors.
ACTIFOAM may be used to fill any cavities or gaps in constructions. In case of fire, the cavity will be totally filled with the expanding rubber, offering a perfect fire seal for a very long duration. An advantage is that ACTIFOAM does not absorb water and due to the closed cell structure, the rubber has good thermal insulation properties.
ACTIFOAM sheets are 300 x 100mm in thicknesses of 10, 15, 20 & 25mm

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  CSD Actifoam Safety Data Sheet
  Comparison Sheet EN 1366 vs AS 1530
  CSD Efectis-R0385 Report

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