Protecta FR Adhesive

Protecta® FR Adhesive contains a water based inorganic polymer and filler, and is designed to withstand temperatures greater than 1,200°C. It is supplied as a ready to use thixotropic paste which exhibits excellent early grab and rapid bond strength.
After curing the product forms a cement with a permanent bond giving excellent adhesion in service.
Protecta® FR Adhesive can be used both as an adhesive and as a filler, with multiple uses where bonding or sealing very hot surfaces is required, or sustaining a seal or a bond within a fire situation without detachment.

•    Ideal for bonding mineral fibre boards to steel, timber and concrete, adding an extra layer of protection against heat transfer
•    Ideal for sealing joints on stoves, flues, grates and central heating boilers
•    Ideal for sealing annular gaps on high surface temperature pipes
•    Ideal for sealing and repairing small cracks and holes in car exhausts systems - stops noise and gas emission leaks
•    Suitable for most surfaces, including stone, brick, concrete, cement, plaster, timber, metals, stone wool, glass, paper, vitreous and ceramic surfaces and all inorganic materials (on plastics and painted surfaces, adhesion should be tested)
•    Instant grab with no need for additional support (under correct applications)
•    High bond strength when cured
•    Designed to withstand temperatures above 1,200 °C
•    Seals and repairs systems in situ
•    Prevents escape of dangerous exhaust fumes from joints and repairs
•    Ready to use and easy to apply
•    Fast setting - air cures to a hard finish especially when heated, tack free in approx 1 hour, full cure possible in only 4 hours
•    Slump resistant
•    Shock and vibration resistant during service
•    No priming necessary for application to most materials
•    The fire performance specification of a bond has been derived when the adhesive has been let to cure for only 24 hours
•    Product is practically odourless and VOC free
•    Alkaline - does not attack acid sensitive substrates
•    12 months storage time (under correct conditions)
•    30 years working life (under correct conditions) 

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