Protecta FR Collar

NZ Building Code compliant AS1530.4-2014 & AS4072.1-2005.  Acoustic Rating STC 58.
Designed to maintain the fire resistance of fire rated walls and floors where these are breached by plastic pipes up to 400mm diameter. May be used in plasterboard, masonry, concrete or CLT. Pipes may be PVC-C, PVC-U, PE, HDPE, PE-X, ABS, PP, PP-MV, PP-H, PP-R, SAN+PVC, or composite pipes (Aquatherm Green, Wavin SiTech, Geberit Silent, Polo-Kai, Rehau Raupiano, BluePower or Uponor Decibel).

Each pipe collar consists of a split white coated, circular steel casing designed to fit around plastic pipes. The collars have a secure and simple locking device. The steel shell contains a graphite based intumescent material that reacts to heat and fills the opening from the melting plastic pipe in case of a fire.
For sealing plastic pipes in floors, a single pipe collar is installed on the underside of the floor and for plasterboard and solid walls, a pipe collar is installed on both sides of the wall.

On sites where the penetration size is greater than the pipe diameter or where pipework has a gradient for flow purposes, an oversized collar can be used. Protecta FR Collars are tested ‘oversize’, i.e. the internal diameter of the collar can be larger than the pipe. Any collar up to 160mm can be used oversize on any approved system, both walls and floors. See attached Warringtonfire assessment confirming conditions under which an over-sized collar of any dimension may be used to accommodate angled pipes or oversized holes. This also allows half-collars to be used where a pipe is hard against a wall or floor, max pipe size 160mm with 315mm half-collar.

Before fitting the pipe collar ensure that any gaps between the pipe and the separating element are filled with a sealing bead of Protecta FR Acrylic. For larger gaps back with mineral wool or simply extend the FR Acrylic to the full depth. For aesthetic purposes, a thin bead of sealant may be applied around the top of the collar after fitting, but do not completely fill the gap between the pipe and the collar. This must be left open for the intumescent to operate correctly. Where obstructions make the use of screws impossible, Protecta FR Adhesive may be used on one half of the collar (provided the half which locks the collar together is screwed).

Rated Z2 - for internal use with normal humidity and temperature (up to 85% relative humidity and temperature above 0oC)

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