Product Manuals

Listed opposite are Product Manuals for individual products shown elsewhere in this website. These may be useful for specifiers who wish to keep a file of just Product Manuals without the associated Instruction sheets, etc.

If you wish to download the complete 3M manual for your records, click "3M Catalogue". This is a complete set of all 3M "Product Description" pages and their associated Data Sheets. This file is 14MB so you may wish to download rather than email.



Associated Downloads

Below are the downloads available. Please tick the ones you would like to receive and complete your details and select how you would like the files delivered to you. Alternatively you can click on the individual download name to view it now.

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  Manual-3M Fire Barrier CP 25WB+ Sealant
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier IC15WB+ Sealant
  3M Endothermic Mat E-5A Technical Manual
  3M Fire Protection Full Line Brochure Feb 2017
  Manual-3M Endothermic Mat E-5A-4
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier 615+ Duct Wrap
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier CS-195+ Composite Sheet
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier FS-195+ WrapStrip
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier Mortar
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier PPD-RC Collar-GS Wrap Strip
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier Packing Material PM4
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier Pillows
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier Putty Sleeve Kit
  Manual-3M Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strip
  Manual-3M FireDam Spray 200
  Manual-3M Mouldable Putty
  CSD NOFIRNO Board Manual
  CSD RISE NOFIRNO Sleeves Manual
  CSD RISE RAPID Sleeves Manual
  CSD RISE ULTRA Wrap Manual
  Trafalgar Fire Technical Manual 3-4 Hour Systems
  Trafalgar Hebel Wall Manual
  Trafalgar Speedpanel Wall Manual
  Trafalgar WALSC AAC Wall Manual
  3M Catalogue
  Protecta Brochure Oct 2020
  Protecta Handbook for Linear Seals
  Protecta Handbook for Timber
  Protecta Handbook
  Protecta Product Brochure
  Protecta Product Portfolio Nov 2020

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