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  3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant IC 15WB+ RIR 3219 CSIRO
  3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ RIR 23263 EXOVA
  3M Fire Barrier Duct Wrap 615+ Internal Exposure Assessment CSIRO FCO 3091
  3M Fire Barrier Composite Sheet CS-195+ RIR 23695 to AS1530.4
  3M Fire Barrier Mortar RIR 23265 to AS1530.4-2005
  3M Fire Barrier Mouldable Putty AS1530.4 CSIRO RIR FCO3220
  3M Fire Barrier Pillows RIR FCO-3217 to AS1530.4-2014
  3M Fire Barrier Tuck-In Wrap Strip BRANZ FC10453 to AS1530.4-2014
  3M ULTRA PPD Collar RIR 27377-00 to AS1530.4-2005
  3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant CP 25WB+ RIR 23263 EXOVA
  3M™ Fire Barrier Sealant IC 15WB+ RIR 3219 CSIRO
  3M™ Fire Barrier Watertight Sealant 3000WT RIR 45239800.1
  3M™ Fire Barrier Watertight Sealant 3000WT RIR 48815900.1
  CSD Efectis-R0385 Report
  AS1530.4 BRANZ Test Report FAR4709
  AS 1530.4-2005 IFC PAR-15668-01
  Protecta EX Mortar AS1530.4 Assessment
  Protecta EX Mortar ETA 13-0672
  Protecta FR ASF AS1530.4 Assessment Penetrations
  Protecta FR ASF AS1530.4 Assessment
  Protecta FR ASF ETA 13-1073 joints
  Protecta FR ASF ETA 18-0903 penetrations
  Protecta FR Acrylic AS1530.4 Assessment
  Protecta FR Acrylic ETA 13-0879 Joints
  Protecta FR Acrylic ETA 13-0880 Penetrations
  Protecta FR Acrylic ETA 18-0904 Penetrations.pdf
  Protecta FR Board AS1530.4 Assessment
  Protecta FR Board ETA 13-0673
  Protecta FR Collar AS1530.4 Assessment B.2
  Protecta FR Collar AS1530.4 Assessment
  Protecta FR Collar ETA 14-0249
  Protecta FR Collar ETA 18-0854
  Protecta FR Damper AS1530.4 Assessment
  Protecta FR Graphite ETA 14-0242
  Protecta FR Graphite UL-EU-00914
  Protecta FR IPT Sealant AS1530.4 Assessment
  Protecta FR Pipe Wrap ETA 14-0247
  Protecta FR Pipe Wrap UL-EU-00915
  Protecta FR Putty AS1530.4 Assessment
  Protecta FR Putty Cord ETA 18-0397
  Protecta FR Service Transit ETA 17-0695
  Trafalgar FyreWrap AS1530.4 External Fire - BRANZ FAR4205
  Trafalgar FyreWrap AS1530.4 Internal Fire - CSIRO FCO3226

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